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303 Pixels can do it all. Okay, I can’t build you a fully sentient robot companion. Yet. I can provide you with effective solutions as I focus exclusively on the specific creative design and web development needs of businesses like yours; whether you are an agency, small business, publishing house, or solo-preneur.

Art & Illustration

Communicating your innovative and imaginative concepts with images that are worth more than a thousand words.

Graphic Design

Design done well is invisible, but the impact of a strategic solution to communicate your message effectively is enormous.

Website Development

Blending design strategy and web programming to build user experiences with the highest standards of performance.

Featured Work

A curated sampling of past projects to give you a taste. Dig into the portfolio to get a wider view and feel free to reach out for more details about any of the projects.

What Makes 303 Pixels tick

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High Quality & Effective Results

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Personal & Professional Service

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Creative & Inspiring Strategy

Are you tired of working with unreliable, uninspired, and irresponsible freelancers who deliver inconsistent results for your design and web projects? Are you running in circles trying to find someone who can reliably translate your requirements and deliver results that meet your high standards?

I’m Levi Stephen, founder and chief creative of 303 Pixels, and I want you to know that I am not your average, run-of-the-mill contractor who does the bare minimum to get your project done and move on to the next. I pride myself on the pro-active, attentive and personal touch I give to every project to ensure you are happy with the results delivered every time.

When you work with 303 Pixels, you get more than a careless and flaky worker-bee providing work that is just “good enough”. With a flexible, honest and efficient business philosophy, you are getting a valued asset and trusted partner contributing to your organization’s success for years to come.

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